Spending Money Like It’s Water


Ever since I turned sixteen and have started working I have blown through money like it is nobody’s business. There is nothing I will not buy or spend my money on. I am addicted to shopping and it has become worse over the years. No matter how much money I can make, I can find a way to spend three times over. Now I am not in debt or anything crazy like that and I did find ways to save a large amount in a savings account (mostly thanks to my parents) but the amount of money I have spent since I was sixteen is astronomical. I once added up all the purchases I made in a year from my bank statements on just clothes alone and I will not share the amount, but it seemed like a family of four’s living expenses for a year….it was bad to say the least. I can’t help it either. Even if I go into a store saying I only need jeans or a shirt, I will come out with everything but. I once went into Best Buy to purchase an Apple watch and I ended up leaving with a drone instead and no Apple watch in sight. And of course I purchased the Apple Watch later on, so now I spend triple than what I was planning. It has only become worse with age and more well paying professional jobs. Now I realize there are so many things more than life than material possessions, but its what I like to spend my money on and in the end I’m not hurting anyone right?246ec75cb9445a39f487f890566f3ec5


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