Reading Images: New Media

Reading images in the new media age is a totally different type of reading. Usually reading text and words can force the reader to come up with very strict interpretation of the text. Not only does the author who wrote the text set a certain tone, they also leave no room for imagination for the reader to come up with their own conclusion. Reading through images is a better way for readers to be able to make their own assumptions and figure out what the author is saying. For instance, if someone was trying to portray something by using an image, another person viewing the image may or may not be able to pick up on the exact message the author is trying to send out. Using an image leaves an open ended message to the viewer so therefore they can relate the image more so to their own life. Using an image over text is a better way to send a message to the reader because it allows the reader to make inferences instead, but by only using an image the author loses their message through the image. Where if the author uses text they can directly say their message to the author and know exactly how the reader is perceiving their message. Using imagery is important in new media, but if text is lost eventually people will not be able to detect the exact message that is being said. new-media-tag-cloud2


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