Huge Regrets

Recently I have thought about my choices regarding college. As of right now I am a sophomore in college and I commute to and from school. Commuting to school is a struggle to say the least, my ride to school is an hour to school and an hour back home. A weeks travel is probably over eight hours travel time and being in the car. Lately I have been thinking about my decision to commute to school and why I should not have gone away to school. In my senior year of high school, I had a lot of options to go away to school with huge scholarships. At the time I was having major anxiety about going away to school and starting a new experience, but now in hindsight I should have just fleed the scene and got away. I wish I didn’t let my nerves get the best of me cause now I am paying for it. Not that commuting is all bad and I hate everything about it. The main reason I did not go away to school was cause I didn’t want to live at school or pay for it. I love being at my own house with my own room and bathroom and my dogs. Nothing beats coming home from a long day at school to my house and coming into my quiet room. Even so I can’t help but feel regret and wondering what would have been. 423231046bca25efe01909514c7f27ba_regret-regret-everywhere-toy-memes-regret_625-475


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