The DNA Of Online Reading

Reading online is a major daily part of peoples lives in todays world. If one cannot navigate enough online to be able to read sources and gather information, then they are at a drastic disadvantage than others who are able to read online efficiently. The fact of the matter is to be successful in the world today, you must be able to navigate online. One must be able to find information quickly and be able to tell if that information is credible or not. Being able to decide if the source is credible is a key element to navigating online reading. If you know a source is credible, you can then spend more time on that site and find more valuable information about the topic you are researching. Be able to use your sources and use the information you found is another major element of online reading. If you do not know how to source the article you found the information in, the article is basically useless. Being able to read online effectively are factored on a many different things. Of course it depends on the person and what they are capable of, but it can also depend on the website itself. The font and coloring of a website can give the site either a positive or negative online reading experience. If there are ads or not, or other irrelevant information that does not regard to the topic can also be distracting to the reader. With all these facts considered, one must be able to read online and be effective at it. At the end of the day online reading is becoming a bigger and bigger part of our daily lives.3f63b7b2210fdb6fd7ea6a79475b557a


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