Online Research

Online research can be used in many different ways. One major way that online research is used for is mostly siting information or being useful for someone to know that information. Online research can either be a negative tool or a positive tool, depending on who is needing to do the online research. For me personally, online research can be a pain. For me, reading on the computer is very difficult and hard to retain the information. Doing research online is of course quicker and more concise, but reading on a computer or tablet screen has never been a joy of mine. I much rather do my research from a textbook and have the hard copy. Even taking notes from online websites is harder for me and I do not enjoy it. I do however use online research many times for when I need to write a topic paper or find quick information. The major positive aspect of doing research online is how quick you can receive information. By using a textbook you have to dig through pages and pages of information to find exactly the information you need, but online research you can hop on and just type your topic in the search engine and thousands of articles come up with information. Online research in my opinion, is a positive thing for finding useful information quickly, but I would much rather be learning from a textbook.


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