Media Education For the 21st Century

Media Education For the 21st Century talks about how new technology is arriving and allowing more average consumers to explore more ways to create media content. It talks about how technology can allow people to participate in todays society much more and educating people on technology will aid in that process. For example, young teens are disconnected to politics mostly due to their feeling of disempowerment. They feel that they have no power over the subject therefore they show no interest. Showing these young teens how to participate through technology will allow them to participate more often and make a difference. Instead of people watching the news talking about issues, they will start acting politically and participating through technology. It shows how media education is so very vital in todays world because if someone does not know how to use technology effectively, they are essentially lost in todays society. The reading also shows how there is a huge gap between kids who are fortunate enough to have technology at home and all around them and the kids who only see technology at school. The kids who have technology at home, where they can use it at their own leisure are far more advanced and more likely to succeed then the kids who do not have the technology at home. Low income families have a less chance of participating due to the fact they cannot afford to have technology at home. Teaching education about technology to all kids will help close the divide between kids who have better access to technology and those who do not. The reading proves how vital it is for someone to have the knowledge to be able to use technology effectively.


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